Grilled Lebanese bread stuffed with kafta.

Assorted Desserts

Baklawa, Knafeh, Znoud Elsit

Lebanese mixed pickles

Homemade Soup

Ask our waiter for our fresh pick of the day!

The owners of the Cedar Tree

Mohamad Ali & Abed Sarhan enjoying some of their finest cuisine!


Pizza style pastry topped with wild oregano, summak and sesame seeds.

Kafta B’ilrozz

Grilled minced lamb served with Lebanese rice & sauce.


Parsley, tomatoes, mint, onions, burgal & olive oil salad.

Selection of starters with our finest Lebanese wine

Lebanese Mezze

Selection of hot and cold Lebanese starters

Kibbe Saynieh

Lamb and bulgur shell stuffed with savory meat and topped with yoghurt. Served with fattoush salad.

Cucumber & Yoghurt

Strained yoghurt served with olive oil & dried thyme.